How to Commission

Robert firmly believes in having the active participation of the client during the creation process of the furniture that he is commissioned to make. Robert ensures that each piece is a reflection of his client’s lifestyle and personality which is what makes him stand out from other fine furniture makers. These elements are worked in to create timeless pieces that not only speak to the client’s wishes but also Robert’s dedication to form and functionality.

The commission process begins with an initial meeting to discuss elements of design, timber selection, measurements, price range and, where possible, the final destination of the piece in the home.

Upon agreement of terms, Robert works with his clients to develop sketches and determine timber selection. Scaled models may then be provided to resolve any functionality challenges and to ensure the finished piece reflects the client’s wishes.

Robert ensures he is always available for consultation at his Melbourne studio workshop where clients are encourage to become a part of the creation of their unique piece of furniture.

Interstate and overseas orders are also welcome.